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Curious Cat

About Kitty Cure

Welcome to Kitty Cure, your family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing high-quality products and streamlined service! Our mission is to make your life as a pet owner easier, while also improving the quality of life for your furry friends.

Introducing Kitty Cure, a family-owned feline haven redefining the art of cat care. At the heart of our passion lies a commitment to crafting innovative cat-scratching products that not only indulge your kitty's natural instincts but also serve as a perfect remedy to eliminate the need for claw trimming. Join the Kitty Cure family, where every scratch is a step towards healthier and happier feline companionship, making nail care a breeze for both cats and their devoted owners.

 We're passionate about your cat's well-being and strive to redefine grooming with compassion and innovation. Our North American-made products uphold the highest quality, ensuring comfort and safety. From Cat Scratching Manicure Strips to the unique Catpestry, each item is designed with deep feline insight.

Our solutions preserve your cat's claws, promoting natural behavior without conventional grooming stress. This not only boosts your pet's happiness but also protects your home and strengthens your bond. We advocate against declawing, offering non-toxic, user-friendly products for healthy claw maintenance.

Join us at Kitty Cure for a brighter, safer, and closer relationship with your cherished feline friend!

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